Barrier Glider

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Barrier Glider

Barrier Glider Freezer Door

The Barrier Glider bi-parting high speed freezer door for refrigerated warehouses, food manufacturing/processing plants, and grocery distribution centers offers superior environmental separation for cold storage environments. The door's patented Thermal Air™ sealing system inflates to 6" (152 mm) in diameter, conforming fabric ducts to seal the perimeters of bi-parting doors and creating pressurized energy-saving seals.


FasTrax FR Features and Benefits

  • Simple, straightforward design provides long-term performance.
  • High speed access with door opening speed of 60" per second (1.5 m/sec), closing speed of 30" per second (0.76 m/sec).
  • i-COMM Digital Communication Controller redefines control box operation and communication.
  • Superior seal of the opening maintains environmental separation with the Thermal Air™ Sealing System. No troublesome heat trace wire.
  • Energy-efficient design reduces heat gain into cold storage areas, lowers energy costs.
  • Panels seal tight against wall, yet release upon impact with unique panel retention system.
  • Panel design - Flexible 3" (76 mm) thick Iso-Tek® panels.
  • Versatile mounting configurations to fit virtually any application.
  • Panel impactability due to tubular track and hourglass roller design. Increased impactability achieved with flexible panel option.



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