AMW 22/22p

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AMW 22/22p

Basic Characteristics

– Lift (standard mast): - from 122 to 122 mm.

– Capacity / load: - from 2.20 to 2.20 tons.

  • Precise weighing technology for warehouses, manufacturing and shipping.
  • 4 evenly positioned weighing cells provide the technology for accurate weighing of materials.
  • Wide variations for almost every weighing application.
  • Left and right-hand controls.


More Characteristics

The AMW 22 and AMW 22p hand pallet trucks are mobile weighing systems for warehouses, production and dispatch. Wherever goods need to be weighed and transported, their ability to take the 'scales to the goods' makes these trucks the perfect solution.

For example, the basic AMW 22 model is appropriate for any area of application, offering efficient and precise weighing with its 4 weighing cell technology. A 1 kg incremental display and max. 0.1% deviation from the measuring range is the correct solution for many applications. .

The AMW 22p is even more professional. Its range of functions makes this weighing pallet truck ideally suited to any application. A convenient multi-range display, maximum precision (at least 99.9% of the weighed load), the wide range of possible options and the well designed battery removal module make the AMW 22p a top-class truck.


Advantages in Overview

  • Easy to operate.
  • Maximum precision.
  • Thoroughly robust.
  • Application-specific configuration.
  • Performance characteristics of the AMW 22.
  • AMW 22p performance characteristics.
  • SSpecial equipment for the AMW 22p.


Advantages in Detail

Easy to operate

The easy to operate handle is suitable for both left and right-handers. The special lowering valve enables loads to be lowered precisely. The standard fast lift (up to 120 kg) ensures that Euro pallets can be lifted clear of the floor with only 3 pump strokes. Maximum lift height is achieved in only 5 pump strokes.

Maximum precision

The weighing cells are positioned at the four end points of the forks and ensure extremely precise weight recording up to a slanting position of 2°.

Thoroughly robust

Maximum stability is achieved through the well proven fork construction. Electronics and display are protected against dust and water (protection class IP 65).

Application-specific configuration

Two different models of the pallet truck with weighing device are available to ensure an application-specific, cost-effective solution for every application.


Performance characteristics of the AMW 22:

  • 2200 kg weighing capacity.
  • Fast lift.
  • 1 kg display increments across the entire measuring range up to 2200 kg.
  • Maximum 0.1% deviation from measuring range.
  • Protected against moisture and dust (IP 65 rating).
  • Automatic zero adjustment, also via keypad.
  • Taring over the full weighing range.
  • Addition memory and number of weighing processes.
  • Power supply from 4 x AA / 1.5 volt batteries sufficient for approx. 1700 weighing processes.
  • Automatic shutdown if not used for 3 minutes.


AMW 22p performance characteristics:

  • 2200 kg weighing capacity.
  • After confirming the weight, the LC display is automatically adjusted to the lower weight.
  • Maximum 0.1% deviation from measured weight.
  • Protected against moisture and dust (IP 65 rating).
  • Plug-in battery module with 12 V / 1.2 Ah including charger.
  • 60 h operating time.
  • Automatic switch-off after 30 minutes without activity.


Special equipment for the AMW 22p:

  • Special functions option.
  • Calibrated designs grade III (EU registration no. T2782).
  • Additional battery change module.
  • Integrated printer.
  • Special fork dimensions.
  • Wheel brake and parking brake, foot brake.
  • Anti-static steering wheel.



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