EKX 410/412/514/516k/516

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EKX 410/412/514/516k/516

Very narrow aisle truck - Electric order picker/tri-lateral stacker 1.0 - 1.6t


Basic Characteristics

– Lift (standard mast): from 3000 - 14500 mm.

– Capacity / load: from 1.00 to 1.6 tons.

  • Ergonomic operating concept.
  • Truck positioning via RFID technology.
  • Excellent performance data.
  • Modular performance packages and assistance systems.
  • Electric control panel adjustment.


More Characteristics

Our EKX has been the industry benchmark for years.

The Series 4 with a 48-V synchronous drive is ideally suited for the medium lift segment, while the Series 5 – equipped with an 80-V synchronous drive – guarantees maximum performance with lift heights up to 17.5 metres.

The maintenance-free synchronous reluctance motors offer you completely new performance dimensions, and reduce the energy loss by up to a further 10%. Due to its low energy consumption, the EKX can operate for two shifts without a battery exchange, even in demanding applications. This enables the EKX to achieve greater throughput per hour and longer operating times.

In addition, the EKX 5 has the innovative vibration damping system. This offers more safety and performance – even on uneven surfaces.

The future-oriented RFID tracking increases flexibility and adapts travel speeds optimally to your warehouse topology. This makes the EKX a reliable partner for manual, semi-automated or fully automated applications. Our warehouseNAVIGATION also prevents stacking errors and increases throughput by up to 25%. The system is flexible and can be adapted to future requirements. With modular performance and assistance packages, the truck characteristics can be optimally adapted to a wide variety of applications at any time.

The new sideshiftPLUS system also gives you more options for handling different pallet sizes. The EKX has no problem handling different pallet sizes. The increase in basic rated capacity by up to 200 kg makes the EKX even more powerful than its predecessor.

The Series 5 EKX is also available as a fully automated truck.


Advantages in Detail


  • Comfortable and fast entering and exiting through the lowest entry step in its class.
  • Generous space for ample freedom of movement. Increase in cabin depth and height (optional).
  • Large panoramic window with very good view of fork tips for reliable lifting of loads.
  • Control panel with electrically adjustable height/tilt for optimum operating position.
  • Upholstered knee supports with integrated storage space for comfortable picking.
  • Relaxed sitting and comfortable standing with sprung, adjustable and foldable comfort seat.
  • Large colour display with all important information available at a glance.
  • Modular storage and holder system (optional).


Intelligent stacking

  • RFID technology for truck positioning in narrow aisles.
  • Inductive guidance with multi-frequency control.
  • In-aisle travel distance and height measuring.
  • Active reach control and correction of the mast backward tilt.
  • warehouseNAVIGATION with precise approach and automatic stacking.
  • Load handling by sideshift or telescopic forks.


Maximum efficiency

  • Motor technology: AC drives cut energy loss in half, allowing for even longer operating times.
  • Double energy recovery during braking and lowering with maximum effectiveness due to patented hydraulic valve technology.
  • Compact hydraulics with short distances and low resistance for less energy consumption.
  • Fewer cables and plugs as well as optimum matching of all components due to compact electronics.
  • The active battery and energy management reduces peak currents and reduces the load on the battery and components.
  • High-performance capability lasting 2 shifts without battery change.



  • The optional modular performance packages ensure that the EKX is equipped for every application.
  • Modular performance packages offer the optimum adaptation to your operating requirements.
  • Various assistance systems increase process reliability and safe time in pallet handling.


Optional Floor Pro performance package for Series 5

  • Innovative system for vibration damping.
  • Reduces swaying of the truck from side to side.
  • Smooth and fast driving on uneven surfaces.


Optional sideshiftPLUS performance package for Series 5

  • The active sideshiftPLUS (optional) extends the reach distance by up to 100 mm and makes it possible to handle different load sizes.


warehouseNAVIGATION optional assistance system

  • Up to 25% greater throughput in narrow aisle warehouses.
  • Easy to set up a connection from the EKX to your Warehouse Management System with the Jungheinrich logistics interface.
  • Target position is transferred direct to the truck control system.
  • Automatic vertical positioning.
  • Automatic horizontal position control system.
  • Automatic stacking operation.
  • Effective twin cycles.
  • Automatic confirmation to the Warehouse Management System increases process reliability and saves time – safety scan no longer takes place.
  • Maximum flexibility in the warehouse, as the existing Warehouse Management Systems can be modified to cater for warehouse extensions.


Commissioning and maintenance

  • Quick and reliable commissioning through teach-in process.
  • The integrated diagnostic system allows for fast and accurate fault diagnosis.
  • 1000 operating hours maintenance interval for high truck availability.
  • Maintenance-free AC motors and wear-free sensor systems ensure a high level of operational safety and reliability.


Lithium-ion technology

The EJC offers plenty of storage space for a tidy workplace:

  • High degree of availability thanks to extremely short charging times.
  • No battery exchange required.
  • Cost savings due to longer service life and low maintenance compared with lead-acid batteries.
  • No charging rooms and ventilation required as there is no build up of gas.
  • Longer service life with 5-year Jungheinrich guarantee.



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