EKS 110

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EKS 110

Medium/high level order pickers - Order picker 1.0t


Basic Characteristics

– Lift (standard mast): from 1000 - 2800 mm.

– Capacity / load: from 1.00 - 1.00 tons.

  • Maximum picking performance with the lowest energy consumption.
  • Powerful motor for high throughput efficiency.
  • Optionally with walk-on load section (L) or auxiliary mast (Z).
  • Optimised order picking thanks to WMS connection via Logistics Interface.


More Characteristics

The EKS 110 is the ideal truck for order picking processes from the first to the third racking levels. With a maximum platform height of 3 m, order picking heights of up to 4.6 m can be reached.

The cantilevered design enables both open and closed pallets to be picked up. Options available for the load section are fixed forks (can also be walked on with a guard (L)) or auxiliary lift (Z) for the ergonomic depositing of picked items.

The 3.2-kW drive system facilitates travel speeds of up to 14 km/h. The acceleration values are also optimised to contribute towards efficient order picking. Various options packages and the load/steer angle-dependent curveCONTROL assistance system, fully exploit the strengths of the EKS 110: dynamic acceleration, safe cornering and high maximum speed, all the while ensuring best possible energy utilisation.

The EKS 110 workstation is designed to make work easier:

  • Optimum freedom of movement when entering and exiting as well as travelling and order picking.
  • Intuitive and ergonomic arrangement of all controls.
  • The 4-inch display provides information on the battery discharge status, number of operating hours, travel speed and error codes and also offers the option of selecting from three travel programs via softkey.


Advantages in Detail

Efficient order picking

Order-picking even in the toughest of situations thanks to a capacity of up to 1,000 kg with a load centre of 600 mm.

Stable cornering thanks to a low load centre provides a feeling of security in every travel situation.

Optimised lowering of the walk-on load section (optional) means that the platform and loading device is lowered to the lowest level possible when order picking – providing the lowest entry every time with no depositing of the pallet.

Particularly with low lift heights and frequent entry and exit, the touch mode provides a fast way of reaching the next picking point. With the auxiliary lift, the touch mode is located on the backrest to enable direct access to the loading device.


Ergonomic workstation

  • Low entry height for easy entry and exit.
  • Padded backrest for pleasant depositing of goods on the forks and a continuous, comfortable rubber mat provide noticeable relief for the operator.
  • The tilted steering wheel supports natural hand movements and thus protects the operator's joints.
  • As an alternative to conventional steering, the optional jetPILOT is also available. It enables intuitive and convenient operation similar to a passenger car.
  • Good storage capabilities are offered by the integrated DIN A4 holder and other storage compartments. All the equipment required for order picking as well as personal items can be stowed away.


Robust design

  • High-quality stainless steel skirt raised extra high on the front panel.
  • Impact-protected steel drive panel protects the components behind it.
  • Optional rubber or steel bumper provides additional protection.


All the better to see and be seen

  • Integrated dayLED daytime running lights for better visibility in poorly lit areas (optional).
  • LED working lights on the overhead guard can be used as additional running lights or to illuminate the racking when order picking (optional).
  • The LED workstation lighting ensures that the operator position is well lit (optional).
  • Floor-Spot – significant reduction in the risk of collision in blind spots due to a red dot of light projected onto the floor approx. 3 m in front of the truck (optional).


Long operating times available with lead-acid battery

  • Energy-efficient 3-phase AC technology and high battery capacities allow for long operating times.
  • Different battery sizes available from 375 Ah to 620 Ah.
  • Lateral battery exchange option for multi-shift operation (optional).


High process reliability thanks to picking optimisation

The EKS 110 is linked to a warehouse management system (WMS) via our middleware – the Jungheinrich Logistics Interface. Orders are easily forwarded to the truck control system via the interface software so that additional functions are created. There are numerous advantages:

  • Process reliability thanks to real-time feedback to the WMS.
  • Targeted reduction of security risks, since the driving parameters can be influenced via the WMS.
  • Ergonomic order picking via an additional display in the load direction.
  • Saves time by confirming the orders with a push button.


Lithium-ion technology

  • High degree of availability thanks to extremely short charging times.
  • No battery exchange required.
  • Cost savings due to longer service life and low maintenance compared with lead-acid batteries.
  • No charging rooms and ventilation required as there is no build up of gas.
  • Longer service life with 5-year Jungheinrich guarantee.



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