EKM 202

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EKM 202

Low level order pickers - Small parts order picker 0,1t


Basic Characteristics

– Lift (standard mast): from 3000 - 3000 mm.

– Capacity / load: from 0,10 - 0,10 tons.

  • Order picking at reach heights of up to 5.3 m.
  • Extremely agile.
  • Adjustable storage tray.
  • Automatic closing doors.


More Characteristics

The EKM 202 small parts order picker is ideal for multiple applications. The EKM is an efficient alternative to conventional ladders, particularly for retail outlets, light maintenance applications or picking tasks without a pallet. The stable mast allows reach heights of up to 5.30 m, so items can be removed from the racking up to the third rack level, price tags exchanged or ceiling lamps replaced.

The operator is also always safe at high lift heights. The automatically closing doors ensure the necessary safety, as lifting is only possible when the doors are closed. An optional lock for the doors provides additional security. In this instance, not only are the doors closed automatically, but also locked as soon as the platform is raised. Only when the platform has been completely lowered, can the doors be opened again.

Thanks to its compact dimensions of only 760 mm and the low standing height, the EKM is able to easily pass along narrow shop aisles and through low doors.

Simultaneous lifting and driving is possible when controlling items on the racking, due to the ergonomically arranged controls. The operator can securely place the items on the storage tray and then proceed directly to the next item. If several items are to be picked at once, the storage tray can be adjusted in height to ensure there is always good visibility in the direction of travel.

The generously designed workstation provides the operator with a comfortable standing position, both while driving and when standing sideways to remove the goods. The sensor mat on the floor supports mobility in the workstation so that the position on the stand-on platform can be freely selected.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, versatility and improved occupational safety, the EKM offers more protection as well as relieving the strain on employees and significantly increasing productivity.


Advantages in Detail


  • Capacitive sensors require two-handed operation, so the operator remains within the truck while driving.
  • The newly designed steering spinner ensures a secure hold and also facilitates precise driving due to the steering angle.
  • Reverse travel does not present a problem: Safe driving in a straight line due to defined zero position, slight movements for small curves and big movements for large 90° curves.
  • Ergonomic right-hand position: Travel switch with thumb operation avoids twisting the entire hand. The rest of the surface of the handlebar can be held onto with the right hand.
  • Other buttons enable the main lift and storage tray to be lifted and lowered.


Lifting and reaching

  • Even with reach heights of up to 5.30 m, the mast design provides an ideal all-round view.
  • The chain-free lift requires minimal parts and very little maintenance.
  • "Softlanding" ensures gentle depositing of the platform when lowering – no shocks for the protection of the operator and easy identification of the lowered position for exit.


Storage options

  • With a capacity of up to 100 kg, objects can be easily transported upwards or securely down from the racking on the storage tray.
  • The long slots in the storage tray provide a clear view downwards when in the raised position, in order to clearly see people in the working vicinity . Despite this, the tray provides sufficient space to also transport small objects safely.
  • The electrically adjustable storage tray with an adjustment range of 610 mm allows ergonomic loading of the storage tray from outside (optional) in the low position. Furthermore, the large adjustment range ensures good visibility to the front, even when several parts are deposited.
  • Other special storage trays, e.g. in the doors, are individually available.



  • Stable mast for added safety even when raised.
  • Doors are automatically closed as standard when entering or leaving the stand-on platform, so the operators can only lift the platform when the doors are closed.
  • Additional optional door locking: The doors are not released again until the platform has been completely lowered. This prevents unwanted opening in the raised state and gives the operator direct feedback as to whether the platform is lowered when leaving the truck.



  • Robust steel frame with additional bumper, protects against damage to the truck.
  • No plastic parts externally that can be damaged.


Battery and charging

The EKM provides sufficient energy to complete the duties of the day:

  • Maintenance-free 192 Ah battery.
  • The on-board charger with integrated spiral cable fits any 230 V socket – no more searching for the charging cable.



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