TS-2000 Trailer Stand

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TS-2000 Trailer Stand

TS-2000 Trailer Stand Helps to Avoid Injuries & Downtime

Avoid Injuries, Downtime and Loss of Product

  • An inexpensive method to meet OSHA regulations.
  • Helps prevent accidents due to trailer landing gear collapse.
  • Handle most trailers with our 100,000 lb (227 kN) capacity fixed trailer jack.
  • Maintenance free design.
  • Safe, productive and easy to use.
  • Fits most truck trailers.


Fits Almost All Types of Trailers

TS-2000 Trailer Stands are designed to fit most types of trailers that may come into your loading docks. They have an overall retracted length of 42" (1065 mm) and an overall extended length of 55" (1400 mm) and a static load capacity of 100,000 lbs (227 kN).


Minimize Loading Dock Accidents

Seldom used or rusted landing gear may collapse under extreme weight conditions. With the TS-2000 Trailer Stand, the trailer remains supported and minimizes this dangerous condition.

Also, when fork trucks load at the front of trailers, the trailer can become nose heavy and tip resulting in a trailer up-ending. This hazardous situation can be prevented by using the TS-2000 Trailer Stand.



The TS-2000 is made of heavy, square, tubular construction. A single gear makes the TS-2000 virtually maintenance free and easy to use. Positioning crank is always in a ready-to-use position helping to reduce wasted time. Tires are made of 16" (405 mm) solid rubber and the TS-2000 is designed with a bar to help with ease of positioning and to be more ergonomic.


OSHA Regulation

1910.178(k)(3) Fixed jacks may be necessary to prevent up-ending during loading and unloading when trailer is not coupled to tractor.


TTMA Technical Bulletin No. 57

2.1 The purpose of this bulletin is to emphasize the potential of trailer nose diving or tail diving under certain conditions of loading and unloading and provide guidelines for reducing this danger by the use of stabilizing devices whenever the trailer is not supported by a tractor or converter dolly.

3.1.1 It is recommended that an adequate stabilizing device or devices be employed at the front of the trailer in all cases where a trailer is being loaded or unloaded with the trailer resting on its support legs rather than on a tractor fifth wheel or converter dolly.


Additional Solutions

Optional transportation wheel

  • Third wheel system.
  • Easier to maneuver and position under normal operating conditions.
  • Is also available as an upgrade that can be retrofitted to an existing TS-2000.


Additional Solutions

Rotating hook Dok-Lok vehicle restraints can also help prevent accidents caused by landing gear collapse.



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