RHV 4100 Vertical Storing

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RHV 4100 Vertical Storing

RHV-4100 Vertical Storing

Rite-Hite's RHV-4100 Vertical Storing Hydraulic Dock Leveler offers superior environmental and security control and a smooth transition between the warehouse floor and the trailer bed.


RHV-4100 Vertical Storing Dock Leveler Features and Benefits

  • Maximum environmental control with the overhead door closing to the pit floor. This helps reduce dust, debris and rodents from entering the facility and eliminates the energy loss from a pit style leveler when stored.
  • Improves security by minimizing the points of entry into the facility with the door closed to the pit floor.
  • Smooth transition design includes a constant-radius rear hinge, two-point crown control on the front lip hinge and an optimized lip chamfer to reduce jolts to your fork lift operators, product and equipment.
  • Easy pit clean-out - Vertical storing designs allows for easy, routine cleaning or full wash-down.
  • Safe power-up/power-down control - Constant-pressure push-button controls keep operator in control of leveler movement at all times. Safer than power-up/gravity-down units.
  • Tilt-back control allows the leveler to store over-center, reducing pressure on the hydraulic system.
  • Full-range free-float - Mechanical counterbalance valve allows leveler to float when positioned in the trailer.
  • Environmentally friendly - Hydraulic fluid is biodegradable and out performs traditional industrial-grade fluid.
  • 12-month money-back satisfaction guarantee standard with all Rite-Hite products.
  • Up to 20 year money back warranty based on the Dock Leveler Investment Guide.



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