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ERE 225

– Basic characteristics

Lift (standard mast): from 122 to 122 mm
Capacity / load: from 2,50 to 2,50 t
  • Powerful 3-phase AC drive motor for maximum performance
  • SmartPilot electric tiller steering for precise and easy steering
  • Folding stand-on platform (optional)
  • ShockProtect to protect the operator, truck and load
  • Curve Control for added safety when cornering

– Advantages in detail

Progressive drive technology and control electronics (SpeedControl) ensure safe and energy saving operation with adjustment to every application:

  • The speed set by the accelerator is maintained in every travel situation – even during climbing and descending gradients and slopes.
  • The ERE 225 is protected against unintended rollback on ramps by automatic brake activation.
  • Energy is returned to the battery during speed reduction using regenerative braking.
Safer and more ergonomic operator compartment
The workplace is adjusted to fit operator and application requirements:

  • New operator position: when travelling with the forks trailing, the operator can stand sideways and hold themselves steady with one hand on the tiller, and the other on the fixed platform handle, therefore maintaining full control of the vehicle at all times.
  • The operator compartment is symmetrically arranged for easy operation by both right-handed and left-handed operators.
  • Various storage areas for operator paperwork, clipboard etc.

Foldable stand-on platform (optional)

  • A choice of options pedestrian/ride-on operation.
  • Reduced travel speeds; ride-on, when side protection/support arms are foldedin (6 km/h) and in pedestrian operation (4 km/h).
  • Minimum working area requirement.

Optimum handling characteristics

  • Sprung and cushioned support wheels connected via the torsion bar ProTracLink system, ensure safe handling in all situations.
  • Jungheinrich ShockProtect: protection for operator, truck and load through additional suppression/suspension of the drive train. The suspension minimises shocks to the operator and chassis.
Information at all times
Comprehensive control instrumentation gives the operator information at a glance at all times:

  • CanDis information display (optional) with additional hourmeter and service code storage.
Ergonomic steering
The newly developed tiller head is easily adjustable to the ergonomic needs of the operator.

  • Clear colour coded buttons with abrasion resistent symbols for intuitive operation.
  • Comfortable and well arranged operator compartment.
  • Contactless sensor system protected in accordance with OP 65.
  • Rocker switch for intuitive and safe operation of hydraulic functions.
  • Height-adjustable tiller head (optional).

Reduced maintenance

  • Easy access to all components through an easily removable one-piece motor cover.
  • Activation of maximum travel speed only by suitably raised forks ensures a reliable reduction in wear under the forks (optional).
Longer times in operation
Battery capacities with up to 465 Ah ensure longer times in operation:

  • Battery compartment L: 3 EPzS 375 Ah.
  • Battery compartment L high: 3 EPzS 465 Ah.
  • Side battery replacement (optional) for fast battery change in multi-shift applications.

Additional equipment

  • Entry rollers.
  • Load protection frame.
  • Cold store application.



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