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EMC 110 with ramp comfort

– Basic characteristics

Lift (standard mast) from 1540 to 1540 mm
Capacity / load from 1540 to 1540 mm
  • 3-phase AC drive system
  • Compact and manoeuvrable
  • Travel with upright tiller using the crawl speed button
  • Easy charging at the mains with integrated charger

– Advantages in overview

  • Safe and comfortable stacking and retrieval
  • Ramp comfort for uneven floors and gradients
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Optional equipment
  • Working in very confined spaces
  • Work ergonomically
  • Long operating times

– Advantages in detail

Safe and comfortable stacking and retrieval
All lifting and lowering functions are conveniently controlled from the multifunctional tiller arm:

  • Precise and gentle depositing of loads into the racking system or on the floor. The lowering speed is electro-hydraulically and precisely controlled (in 2 stages) via a button on the tiller arm (optional).
  • Rapid operation with high lift speed.
  • Automatic adjustment of the lift height with intelligent lift positioning (optional).

– Working in very confined spaces

The EMC is an extremely compact pedestrian stacker. The particularly short chassis length and low weight allow for use in extremely confined spaces, in the lift and on mezzanines. The EMC is also equipped with a crawl speed button. A press of the button is all that’s needed for the EMC to manoeuvre safely, even with the tiller upright.

– Ramp comfort for uneven floors and gradients

Two heavy-duty cylinders increase ground clearance below the critical support arm areas. The slight backward tilt of the truck brings the load into a safe and stable position. This allows the EMC to negotiate thresholds, undulating gradients and uneven floors.

– Work ergonomically
The newly developed tiller head is perfectly adapted to the ergonomic needs of the operator:

  • Colour coding for intuitive operation and buttons with wear-resistant icons.
  • Grip angle to suit the hand position of the operator.
  • Rocker switch for consistent operation in all tiller positions.
  • Horn button placed in the centre of the tiller for ease of access.
Reduced maintenance costs
Long operating times
The battery, when used together with the energy-saving AC system, gives long operating times:

  • Maintenance-free 24 volt /70 Ah block batteries (gel system).
  • Integrated 230 volt /10 A charger for easy charging at any 13 Amp plug socket.
  • Integrated 110 volt charger (optional).

Optional equipment

  • CanCode for PIN activation (instead of key switch) and automatic shut-off function.
  • Discharge indicator and CanDis hourmeter counter.
  • ISO fork carriage with forged forks

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