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EJE 220r/222r

– Basic characteristics

Lift (standard mast): from 125 to 125 mm
Capacity / load: from 2,00 to 2,20 t
  • Robust sturdy design for the toughest duties with heavy loads
  • Sprung and cushioned support wheels compensate for uneven floors
  • Outstanding driving stability
  • Multi-shift operation facilitated by sideways battery exit (optional)

– Advantages in detail

Level adjustment with ramp lift
In addition to the normal lift, the trucks are fitted with a patented ramp lift. This allows for level adjustment on ramps with gradients up to 15%. The ramp lift operates separately from the normal lift. It enables the first pallet row on HGVs to be loaded and offloaded without difficulty.
Powerful drive motor and intelligent controls
Advanced shunt-wound drive technology and control electronics (SpeedControl) ensure safe travel characteristics with adjustment opportunities to suit every application:

  • The speed stipulated on the travel switch will be maintained in every travel situation – even on uphill and downhill gradients.
  • The EJE will brake automatically preventing unintentional rolling on ramps.
  • Individually adjustable travel parameters facilitate optimum adjustment to suit any requirement.
  • Energy recovery through regenerative braking on deceleration.
  • Two-year warranty on the drive motor.

Robust construction for even the toughest applications

  • Frame made of high quality 8 mm steel.
  • Additional collision protection on battery compartment to guard against ‘dynamic’ loads.
  • Full rated load capacities up to fork tips (standard fork overhang).
Long operating times
Battery capacities up to 375 Ah ensure long operating times:

  • Short version: 2 EPzS 180/250 Ah.
  • Long version: 3 EPzS 375 Ah.
Stability during travel
Hard applications can also include doorway thresholds or passing over ramps. The EJE 220r/222r also masters these challenges:

  • Spiral springs on support rollers even out uneven floors.
  • Additional cushioning prevents shocks transferring through the chassis.
Reduced maintenance
Service-friendly components ensure longterm reduction of operating costs:

  • Easy access to all components through the one-piece front cover.
  • A drill hole in the chassis apron facilitates quick and easy removal of the drive wheel.
Fully informed at all times
Control instruments give the operator the reassurance of having everything under control at any time:
CanDis information display (optional) with battery discharge indicator with lift lockout as well as an additional operating hourmeter and service code memory.

Additional equipment

  • Load section for sideways battery removal.
  • Cold store version.
  • Entry rollers.
  • Vertical load guard.



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