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EJC B12/B14/B16/B20

Wide track, electric pedestrian controlled truck (1.200 / 1.400 / 1.600 / 2.000 kg)

Powerful and efficient with maintenance-free AC drive motor

– Basic characteristics

– Lift (standard mast)
+ from 2800 to 2900 mm
– Capacity / load
+ from 1,20 to 2,00 t
  • Electronically controlled lift motor for sensitive lifting and lowering
  • Crawl speed button for full manoeuvrability with tiller upright
  • Lifting enclosed pallets or cross pallets
  • Electric tiller steering for especially easy steering (optional)

– More characteristics

The EJC B12/B14/B16/B20 pedestrian stackers are mainly designed for the flexible handling of special loads. With its laterally offset support arms and forged forks that can be lowered to the floor, the truck can lift loads by entering the load unit from below. This enables closed pallets or transverse pallets, for instance, to be picked up in a similar way to a counterbalanced fork lift truck.
The electronically controlled, powerful lift motor ensures smooth and quiet lifting and lowering of the load. This enables lift heights of up to 5350 mm (EJC B14) to be reached. From smooth depositing, rapid lifting and lowering or precisely approaching the racking – the operator has everything under control at all times.
The support arms are available in different versions so they can be adjusted to different loads and pallet sizes. 4-point suspension and the widened solid steel support arms ensure excellent stability and high residual capacities.
The low-mounted long tiller ensures that a large safety distance is maintained between the operator and truck. If space becomes tight, simply pressing the crawl speed button is sufficient to manoeuvre the EJC B with the tiller in an upright position. The side mounting of the tiller always provides unobstructed visibility towards the load.
Electric tiller steering (optional for EJC B14/B16/B20) provides low steering forces and consequently fatigue-free steering, especially when driving with the tiller in a vertical position. The built-in charger (optional) ensures comfortable and reliable charging at any standard 240 V socket. The quick-charging function (optional) guarantees charging within one shift (EJC B12).

– Advantages in overview

  • Intelligent control and drive technology
  • Comfortable and safe operation
  • Plenty of convenient storage areas
  • Optional equipment
  • Flexible and safe operation
  • Designed to ensure easy servicing
  • Optimum battery management

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