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EJC 212/214/216/220

– Electric pedestrian stacker (1.200 / 1.400 / 1.600 / 2.000 kg)

– Basic characteristics

– Lift (standard mast)
+ from 2800 to 2900 mm
– Capacity / load
+ from 1,20 to 2,00 t
Sensitive lifting and lowering with quiet, speed-controlled hydraulic motor High residual capacities thanks to sturdy design and four-wheel chassis
Easy, effortless steering with electric tiller (optional) Fast lifting of light loads with Lift-Plus (optional)

More characteristics

The EJC pedestrian stackers are designed for demanding applications. The trucks offer high lift heights and residual capacities, as well as long operating times. The powerful 3-phase AC drive motors combined with the Jungheinrich electronic controller guarantees high performance and minimum energy consumption. This ensures maximum throughput. The trucks also feature an outstanding level of user friendliness:

  • Precise and sensitive lifting by electronically controlled lift motor. This allows easy stacking of heavy loads in narrow racking.
  • Gentle depositing of the load on the floor or in the racking with proportional hydraulics.
  • Minimum noise during lifting.
  • LiftPlus (optional) enables the EJC 214/216 to achieve a significantly higher lift speed when lifting the forks with a light load (up to 400 kg) in comparison with the standard version.
  • Electric tiller steering (optional) for minimum steering effort and therefore fatigue-free operation, in particular when travelling with the tiller upright (crawl speed mode).
  • Numerous storage options ensure that pens, knives or documents are within easy reach.

As well as user friendliness, the truck offers excellent safety features: The long safety tiller in conjunction with the enclosed truck contours and the low apron ensure maximum operator safety.
The EJC draws its energy from batteries with capacities of up to 375 Ah. When required for multishift use, the EJC 214/216/220 offers battery compartments with lateral battery exchange as an option. A built-in charger (optional) ensures comfortable and reliable charging at any standard 240 V socket. The EJC 212 offers a built-in charger with quick charging function as an option.

Advantages in overview

  • Intelligent control and drive technology
  • Practical storage compartments
  • Service-friendly technology
  • Additional equipment
  • Safe and comfortable stacking and retrieval
  • Robust design
  • Long duty cycle

Advantages in detail

Intelligent control and drive technology
Our motors use three-phase AC technology with electronic controllers perfectly optimised to your application offering more performance while reducing operating costs. Make use of these benefits:

  • High efficiency with excellent energy management.
  • Powerful acceleration.
  • Fast direction change.
  • Maintenance free AC drive motor.
Safe and comfortable stacking and retrieval
All lifting and lowering functions can be intuitively controlled using the multifunctional tiller arm. This allows the operator to concentrate fully on stacking and retrieving:

  • Precise, sensitive load lifting by speed controlled and noise-reduced hydraulic motor.
  • Gentle depositing of loads using proportional hydraulics.
  • Automatic reduction in speed with raised load.
  • Four-wheel concept for maximum stability.
  • LiftPlus (optional): The EJC 214/216 achieves a significantly higher lift speed with a light load (up to 400 kg)
Practical storage compartments
The EJC offers plenty of storage space for a tidy workplace:

  • Paper storage in the top panel.
  • Storage compartments in the dashboard.
  • Clip pad.
Robust design
The EJC has been particularly robustly designed:

  • One-piece, hot-rolled box section forks.
  • Torsion-resistant mast with high residual capacities.
  • Battery lid made of solid sheet steel.
  • Front apron reinforced with additional beading and contouring.

Service-friendly technology

  • Service access ports on the front of the chassis for fast tyre change.
  • Castor wheel with bayonet mechanism for easy wheel change with the truck raised only slightly.
  • Easy to install mast with screw connection.
  • Tiller electronics are completely sealed to protect against humidity and dirt according to the IP65 standard.
  • Electronic controller sealed according to IP54 protection.
  • Built-in charger for the EJC 212 ­(optional) is protected against ­humidity and dirt according to the IP54 protection.
Long duty cycle
Large battery capacities and low energy consumption ensure long operating times. The truck can be easily charged at any 13Amp mains socket with the built-in 24-volt charger (optional) for wet cell batteries and maintenance-free ­batteries. The EJC 212 built-in charger is also available with a quick charge function for rapid charge times within one shift. The EJC 212 can also be used with an on-board charger in the cold store.

  • Battery compartment L: 3 PzS 375 Ah.
  • Battery compartment M: 2 PzS 225 Ah/2 PzB 300 Ah (EJC 214/216).
  • Sideways battery removal (optional) with EJC 214/216/220 for multi-shift operation.

Additional equipment

  • Tandem load rollers.
  • Twin rollers for support wheel to reduce wear.
  • CanDis: Discharge indicator and hour-meter.
  • CanCode: Access control via PIN.
  • Load guard.
  • Gentle depositing of the load on the ground.
  • Cold store version.
  • Connection option e.g. for terminal, scanner or printer.

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