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DFG/TFG 316/320

– Basic characteristics

Lift (standard mast): from 2900 to 7500 mm
Capacity / load: from 1,60 to 2,00 t
  • Jungheinrich drive axle and maintenance-free wet-disc brakes with electric parking brake
  • Truck design concept giving high productivity with low fuel consumption and high dynamic stability
  • 4 point cushion mounted drive train giving a low-vibration operators cab area
  • High visibility in all directions due to unique ‘vision window’ mast design
  • Rugged Kubota industrial engines with high torque at low revs

– Advantages in detail

Powerful and efficient drive concept

  • Tried and tested in harsh construction environments, industrial engines from Kubota in diesel and LPG models.
  • Sturdy and modern engines. Designed for durability, high load capacity and reliability.
  • High torque at low engine revs.
  • Engine timing via inclined spurtoothed wheels.
  • Engines with low emissions (diesel engines as per Directive 97/68/ EU stage 3A).
Ergonomic operator workstation

  • The visibility in all directions is class leading enhancing all round safety.
  • Entry via a deep, wide step. The step is clearly visible from the seated position.
  • Large, strong grab handle welded to the overhead guard.
  • Generous knee and legroom thanks to slim and easily adjustable steering column.
  • Ergonomic steering wheel offset to the left.
  • Effortless operation with hydraulic power assisted steering.
  • Large, level footwell with vibration absorbing floor mat.
  • Sturdy hydraulic levers positioned for easy use even when wearing gloves.
  • Comfortable operators seat with excellent suspension and numerous adjustment options.
  • Displays and switches for additional equipment (e.g. lighting and wipers) are positioned within the operator’s reach and field of vision.
  • Numerous storage options, such as drink holder, documents clip and a compartment for every day objects.
  • Electrically applied parking brake, easily operated at the push of a button. Eliminating the usual knock on/knock off lever which restricts access in the knee and entry area.
  • Automotive pedal layout with non-slip anti vibration surface.
Mast and hydraulics

  • Smooth transitions provided by the mast cushioning system.
  • High residual capacity at high lift heights.
  • High visibility due to unique vision window.
  • Flush face mast channels reducing the lost load centre.
  • Hydraulic hoses routed for optimum visibility.
  • Vision windows in the free lift cylinder cross-member, make it safer to work at higher racking levels.
  • Hydraulic control valve incorporating load sensing technology. Due to the lower pressure level, the load sensing system reduces the energy consumption whilst keeping the unnecessary pumping losses to a minimum.
Jungheinrich drive axle with maintenance-free wet-disc brakes

  • Axle concept with optimised efficiency for low fuel consumption.
  • The oil immersed wet-disc braking system is maintenance-free. There are virtually no service costs (in comparison with conventional drum braking systems).
  • No negative effect on braking due to environmental influences or service related downtime due to the enclosed design.
Uncoupled power train
Improved operator comfort and reduction of unnecessary vibrations. These are kept to a minimum with:

  • Floating drive unit.
  • Independently mounted axle and drive train via heavy duty coupling.
Enclosed high-performance cooling system with combi cooler

  • Heavy duty combi cooler in full aluminium design for engine coolant, converter and transmission oil – without the common plastic manifold which are susceptible to faults.
  • Easy to clean with radiator cores of the cooling elements for engine coolant, converter and transmission oil.
  • No coolant evaporation due to completely enclosed pressurised system.
  • Reliable operation without a reduction in performance even at extreme ambient temperatures.
Easy to maintain and repair

  • Optimum access to engine compartment due to 90° opening and L-shaped cover.
  • Side sections and floor plate easily detachable without the need for tools.
  • Minimal truck downtime thanks to simple, rapid and cost-effective maintenance – expert knowledge not required.
  • Use of sturdy, high-quality components.
  • No truck-specific diagnostic tools or special software required.
  • Large fuel filter with water separator.
  • Oil change interval 500 hours.
Reliable, heavy-duty electrical equipment

  • Splash-proof electrics, plug and connections.
  • Easily accessible at all times, compact fuse box on the operators console in the drivers compartment.
Jungheinrich high-mounted fully floating axle for high degree of passive safety
Even during dynamic travel, outstanding driving stability through reduced pendulum motion is guaranteed by the high pivot point of the steering axle. The risk of tip over is minimised by applying basic physics. Without the additional use of electronic assistance systems.

Optimised counterweight design

  • The counterweight design displaces the centre of gravity downwards and forwards.
  • The truck’s centre of gravity is low and is situated between the front and rear axles.



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