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Rotomatik Vietnam Company Ltd is a 100% foreign owned company that offers you a complete range of advance lifting and material handling solution to many different industries.

We are committed to provide you with our complete solution and service that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

EFG series 4 and 5. The “turbo diesel” among the electric forklifts.

With outstanding travel and lift speeds with simultaneously noticeably longer operating hours compared with competitors – and all on one battery charge. This makes our EFG 425–550 universally suitable for indoor and outdoor operation. Ideal for high throughput and rapid work cycles.


Intended specifically for tough and intensive outdoor work is our S range (EFG S30/S40/S50): With an increased load centre (600 mm) and the steering axle from our diesel forklifts with hydrostatic drive. In this way, we are able to provide the best prerequisites for maximum throughput under extreme operating conditions.


  • High-performance trucks with low energy consumption
  • Tailored truck performance based on Efficiency and Drive&Lift Plus models
  • Operator-oriented workstation
  • Innovative operator dialogue system
  • Battery replacement with Snap-Fit or automatic battery ejection
  • Personally customisable operating options
  • Optimum visibility

More room for performance: Parameter steering (optional)

Our parameter steering makes the steering support dependent on the travel program. At low speeds, the support from the electrical steering is high – the operator needs to make relatively few movements of the steering wheel. At higher speeds, the steering support diminishes.



  • Minimises unwanted steering movements
  • More legroom
  • Further improved energy efficiency
  • Further optimised throughput

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