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Choosing the right dock leveler

Your guide to evaluating your leveler needs.

Six steps to choosing the right leveler.

Today, selecting the right dock leveler for your facility can be more complicated than ever. New models are being introducel. Truck designs are changing. Productivity is critical. And safety is becoming an even bigger issue at docks across the country.

These are now three basic types of leveler: hydraulic, mechanical, and power-assisted mechanical units. Each design has its place, depending upon the application, but there are distinct differences between each type. So before you select a leveler for your facility, follow this simple six-step procedure for elevating your needs. By analyzing these key areas, you’ll be able the best equipment for your operation. Here’s a brief look at the topics we’ll cover in this guide:

  1. Your specific needs

Selecting leveler length

Selecting leveler width

Choosing proper capacity

  1. Safety

Vacant dock drop-off protection

Cross-traffic safety

Free-tall protection

Maintenance safety

  1. Ease of operation

Activation and leveler positioning

Full-range leveler float

Lip extension/ retraction

  1. Maintenance

Maintenance frequency

Features for easy of maintenance

  1. Reliability/ Durability

Long-term track record of design

Quality of contruction

Durability features

  1. Manufacturer support

Company reputation

Local service and support

Customer training

Written manufacturer warranties

from: Rite Hite – Choosing the right dock leveler

The detail information of 6 steps, please follow the nest posts

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