LiteSpeed Clean

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LiteSpeed Clean

LiteSpeed Clean Room Door

The LiteSpeed Clean is a fast, roll-up door with speeds up to 65" per second (1.65 m/sec) designed to help keep contaminants from entering clean, interior environments. LiteSpeed Clean helps maintain the integrity of clean environments with ease. Its tapered surfaces minimize dust collection points better than flat surfaces and it is designed with no exposed fasteners to allow quick and easy cleaning. The tight seal maintains pressure differentials from room-to-room and can withstand pressures up to 0.2 InWC.


LiteSpeed Clean Features and Benefits

  • cGMP, FDA & USDA compliant - The simple design of the LiteSpeed has non-exposed fasteners and stainless steel side frames and shroud options to most clean applications.
  • Cleaner overall application experience with recessed control options available to have next to the door opening.
  • No coil cords or wires in or around any part of the fabric door opening.



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