EZS 010

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EZS 010

Tow tractors - Tow tractor 1.0t


Basic Characteristics

– Capacity / load: from 1.00 to 1.00 tons.

  • Manoeuvrable and compact.
  • Maintenance-free 3-phase AC drive motor.
  • Built-in charger.
  • Wide range of coupling options.


More Characteristics

The EZS 010 is a versatile, efficient mini tow tractor for towing trailers of up to 1,000 kg. It is ideal for the transport of loads in restricted areas. With the mini tow tractor, trailers are moved quickly, economically and easily. They are designed for a wide range of applications, such as wholesale furniture , industry, supermarkets or hospitals.

Anywhere where smaller loads must be transported over short distances, the EZS 010 is the clear choice with compelling advantages:

  • Wide variety of coupling systems for many different trailer types.
  • Clearly visible, easily accessible coupling.
  • 24-volt 3-phase AC drive motor.
  • Ergonomic safety tiller arm.
  • Compact, user-friendly design.
  • Turns on the spot.
  • Drive tyre protected by chassis.
  • A choice of three travel programs.


Advantages in Detail

Innovative 3-phase AC technology

Our 3-phase AC technology motors offer you more power and performance, while at the same time, reducing operating costs. Advantages:

  • High efficiency levels with excellent energy management.
  • Powerful acceleration.
  • Maintenance-free drive motor with no carbon brushes.
  • 2-year warranty on the drive motor.


Fully informed at all times

Extensive display provides a complete overview:

  • Combined discharge indicator (3 colour LED) with load status display.
  • CanDis (optional) provides information on the battery discharge status, number of operating hours and error codes.
  • Activation of truck via PIN code and selection of 3 travel programs via keypad (optional).
  • Adjustable travel parameters via CanDis and CanCode (optional).


Work ergonomically

Tiller arm optimally adapted to the ergonomic needs of the operator:

  • Colour coding and buttons with countersunk/raised shape for intuitive operation.
  • Grip position optimally adapted to the operator's hand posture.
  • Easy accessibility of the crawl speed button when travelling with vertical tiller.
  • Non-contact sensor system with IP 65 protection, hence lowest risk of breakdown.
  • Rocker switch for consistent operation in all tiller positions.


Minimum maintenance work

The AC drive system and small number of moving parts keep running costs to a minimum:

  • Easy access to all parts inside one-piece front panel with just 2 Retaining fasteners.
  • Excellent protection against dust and humidity through IP 54 enclosure of controller and plugs.


Easy charging

The battery can be recharged at any mains socket using the built-in charger.

Individual coupling solutions

Individual coupling solutions enable the truck to be used with a range of trailer types. Both standard couplings (e.g. single plug couplings) and modified couplings can be used.

  • Standard couplings attached to the chassis if the trailer has its own steering.
  • Coupling arm can be used with a modified receptacle for non-self steering trailers. This ensures easy steering and effortless movement of trailers.



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