ECR 327/336

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ECR 327/336

Low level order pickers - Electric End Rider Pallet Truck (2,700/3,600 kg)


Basic Characteristics

– Lift (standard mast): from 137 - 137 mm.

– Capacity / load: from 2.70 - 3.60 tons.

  • Maximum speed and acceleration for maximum productivity
  • Large stand-on platform, optionally sprung for comfortable travel
  • Optional electric steering for effortless control of the truck.


More Characteristics

The ECR 327 / 336 electric end rider pallet truck with stand-on platform was developed to increase your productivity, giving you the ability to accomplish more in less time. The highlights:

– Quick acceleration

  • The ECR Series has exceptional acceleration.
  • Not only can operators rapidly obtain maximum speed, but can do so with smooth and precise control due to the proprietary controller and optimal programming.

– Speed

  • The ECR is the fastest end rider on the market, achieving speeds up to 15 km/h.

– Smooth directional changes

  • The incredibly responsive regenerative braking system provides a seamless transition from one direction to another, while maintaining load stability.
  • This feature can be particularly useful when engaging in frequent directional.


Advantages in Detail

Electro-magnetic brakes

Unlike traditional mechanical brakes which require regular maintenance, the ECR Series electro-magnetic brake requires limited servicing.


Advanced regenerative braking

At Jungheinrich, we took our brake design one step further.

The wear-free regenerative braking system engages when braking, coasting and changing direction. Only very seldom, when regenerative braking power is not sufficient, is an electro-magnetic brake engaged. This avoids wear.


Adjustable casters

Casters are one of the most frequently serviced parts on any end rider. But, the ECR allows for automatic caster adjustment, without having to raise the truck, saving time and money.


Simplified drawbar adjustment

Unlike traditional designs, the ECR utilises lock nuts to adjust the drawbar. This simplification reduces the maintenance requirement significantly.


Strongest in the industry

Our formed forks are the strongest in the industry.

Combined with cast steel fork tips, they are designed to withstand tough environments.


Resistant to harsh and corrosive environments

For those extra harsh environments, a corrosion protection package is available which includes the following galvanised components.

  • Frame.
  • Drawbar.
  • Forks.
  • Load wheel lever.


Motor cover

Steel is not always the best material for the job. Therefore the motor cover is made of a heavy-duty thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) plastic. This plastic is significantly lighter than steel and enables the motor cover to be removed with just one hand. Moreover, the material is less prone to cracking and will not dent.


More surface area

The operator platform has a spacious surface area, enabling the operator to comfortably adjust their position throughout the journey. In addition, the 'foot alcove' allows for a wider stance and helps to ensure the operator's feet are fully on the platform.



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