AMX 10/10e

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AMX 10/10e

Basic Characteristics

– Lift (standard mast): - from 714 to 714 mm.

– Capacity / load: - from 1.00 to 1.00 tons.

  • A single lift cylinder for easy servicing.
  • Enclosed fork tips.
  • Fast lift as standard (up to 120 kg).


More Characteristics

The truck can be used as a hand pallet truck as well as a lift table, supply table and workbench.

  • Steering wheels: Ø 170 mm with a choice of nylon, rubber or polyurethane tyres.
  • Load rollers: Ø 82 mm with a choice of nylon or polyurethane tyres..
  • Lift height: Up to 800 mm, with additional support legs for stability.
  • Lifting and lowering: Manual or electro-hydraulic with 0.5 kW lift motor.
  • Forks: Robust, torsion-resistant construction with closed fork tips.
  • Battery (only for AMX 10e): 70 Ah C5, maintenance-free.
  • AMX 10 with manual hydraulics: The load can be brought to the optimum work height with just a few movements of the tiller. Beyond a certain fork height, the scissor lift hand pallet truck is secured by additional support legs.
  • AMX 10e with electro hydraulics: Scissor lift hand pallet trucks are recommended for frequently changing work heights. The work height can be easily adjusted at the touch of a button.


Advantages in Overview

  • Easy handling.
  • Adjustable lift height reduces strain on the back.
  • Effortless lifting and lowering.
  • Battery and charger (AMX 10e).


Advantages in Detail

Easy handling

The easy-to-use controls are equally suitable for both left and right-handed operators. The special lowering valve enables loads to be lowered precisely or in small increments.

Adjustable lift height reduces strain on the back

Jobs which involve a great deal of bending and heavy lifting can soon have a detrimental effect on health. The work height of the AMX 10 / AMX 10e can be varied by a height of up to 800 mm. This ensures back strain is reduced during operation. The scissor lift hand pallet truck can also be equipped with lateral support rollers, so that travel is also possible in the raised position.

Effortless lifting and lowering

Lifting can be by either manual hydraulic lift (AMX 10) or electro-hydraulic lift (AMX 10e) with a 0.5 kW lift motor. The pump unit has an integrated reservoir. The lowering valve integrated in the pump unit facilitates precise lowering via hand lever. The hydraulic system is protected against overloading by a pressure relief valve.

Battery and charger (AMX 10e)

A built-in electronic charger is fitted as standard. The maintenance-free battery (70 Ah) can be charged at any standard 240-V socket. The charger automatically switches off when the charging process is completed.


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